Alde control panel

Automatic climate control

Same pleasant indoor temperature, whatever the season.

If you have a recreational vehicle or you are considering getting one, with Alde 3020 HE and Truma AC, the function ACC in the Alde Control Panel can give you full automatic climate control. Automatic climate control entails the same pleasant and steady temperature all year round. The system is fully automated and you will never have to turn off the Alde Boiler or the air-conditioner.

Alde´s ACC-function provides comfortable and automatic transitions in temperature. The function allows your Alde boiler to work together with the air-conditioner in order to give you the desired temperature all year round and avoids unwanted fluctuations in temperature between hot and cold.

If you also have an Alde Outdoor Sensor installed the ACC function works even more steady and more efficient, whereas the ACC function also can take the outdoor temperature in consideration when calculating how much warmth or cold is needed to reach the desired temperature.

When starting a cold vehicle, that is when the need of heat is highest, the Alde boiler and the heat pump in the air-conditioner works together to heat the vehicle faster and in the most efficient way.

How to use

  • Set wanted temperature in the Alde Control Panel
  • Activate ACC by pressing the icon ACC
  • Done! You now have full automatic climate control all year round.

You can of course change your wanted temperature any time and the ACC function immediately works towards the new chosen temperature instead.


  • In warmer climates where the air-conditioner needs to cool also at night you can set this to automaticly go down to lower and more silent fan speed by activating “Night Mode” in the Alde Control Panel. Read more about Alde Night Mode.
  • If you have installed an Alde Room Sensor in the bedroom of your vehicle, you can by using Night Mode automatically switch sensor overnight, which makes the ACC function work specifically towards more even and pleasant temperature in the bedroom.
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