Alde Advantages

Discover the Advantages of Alde

Discover a world of advantages with Alde heating systems. Let us introduce you to some of the ways Alde makes life easier in caravans, mobile homes and vans. How much freedom do you want?

With an Alde heating system, you get even, pleasant and quiet heating.
Don’t let yourself be limited. Discover Alde.

Advantage NO1

Natural heat circulation

Self convection technology. The hydronic heating has long-lasting heat and the system with convectors creates self-convection in the vehicle. The warm air circulates and spreads in every cubic centimetre of the vehicle.

Gentle heat. Heat circulation in the whole vehicle = no cold spots.
Advantage NO2


With the Alde hydronic heating system you can adapt the system to the size of the vehicle and get heat distributed everywhere in the vehicle. Hot fluid keeps the heat for long and self-convection makes the heat circulate by the use of nature laws. It gives me total comfort in all areas of the van with no cold spots.

Advantage NO3

Even heat from floor to ceiling

Self-convection technology and constructed system creates a on-going gentle circulation of heat from the walls, to the indoor ceiling, centre of the vehicle and back again. A hydronic heating system is built for circulation of heat to all areas of the vehicle.

Advantage NO4

Tested in toughest conditions

The components and the system are developed to work in really tough climate. It goes through rigours cold chamber testing down to -35 °C. The system is reliable and constructed to deliver heating comfort i all types of weather.

Advantage NO5

Made in Sweden

Alde launched its first heating system in 1966 and ever since then we have continuously developed and improve every single part of the system. The Alde system is reliable, efficient and provides a premium heating solution.

Advantage NO6

Flexible energy sourcing

The Alde system can run on LPG or electricity or a combination of both. You can easily choose or prioritise your energy source so that it fits with what energy source you have available. No matter where you travel you can always power your Alde heating system.

Advantage NO7

A system with discretion

The pipes and convectors in an Alde Hydronic heating system is placed along the walls behind furniture, cabinets etc. The pipes are made out of 16/22 millimetre aluminium pipes which makes it easy to make the installation sit tight to the walls. The Alde system is is made to be discrete and work without being obtrusive.

Advantage NO8

Heating that lasts for longer

Water retains heat 20 times longer than air. The Alde boiler heats up a liquid mixture of water and glycol that circulates quietly via convectors around the entire vehicle and gives you long-lasting and pleasant warmth.
So when you are thinking about a heating system, it is obvious to choose a hydronic heating system from Alde.

Advantage NO9

Preheats vehicle engine

The Alde Engine Heat Exchanger is plumbed into both the Alde hydronic heating system and the engine’s radiator but the two fluids don’t mix. This means that you can use the Alde heating to preheat the vehicle engine by having the Alde heating system fluid circulate through the heat exchanger where it heats up preheats the engine´s radiator loop.

You can use the heat from the heating system to preheat the vehicle engine ahead of your next trip.

Advantage NO10

Cleaner water

Alde AquaClear UV-C is a water purification system for increased safety of water quality in low pressure applications. The disinfection is based on the latest UVC LED light technology. The system also includes an Alde carbon filter that ensures odourless water without bad taste or color. Alde AquaClear UV-C provides a layer of safety to the water supply, focused on removing harmful viruses and bacteria.

Advantage NO11

Underfloor heating for everyone on the trip

Alde thinks of the whole family. A warm floor becomes a comfortable place to rest for the family’s four-legged friends, and the calm, natural air movements do not cause animal hair to swirl around either.

Advantage NO12

Creates a “cold-barrier”

The circulating air heats furniture and walls as well as forming a cold barrier in front of the windows. An all-enveloping heat and natural air flow which produces an even and barely noticeable heat distribution throughout the vehicle. Thanks to pipes and convectors placed onto the walls and under windows.

Advantage NO13

Pets best friend

Self-convection technology circulates the heated air and no fans placed along the floor and in the centre of the vehicle. Pets can comfortable rest lying on the floor and does not get irritated by fans that blow air all the time. Natural air movements don’t make animal hair fly around either.

Advantage NO14

Tested by real campers

The heating system has been developed and tested for decades. We love to talk and listen to real life campers to get their opinions, feedback and new ideas.

Advantage NO15

Rebalanced energy optimisation

The Alde system has an intelligent control system that systematically calculates the current and future need of energy need. You don´t need to spend time on constantly control or adjust the heating settings since the Alde heating system takes care of that on its own.

Advantage NO16

Small but powerful

The Alde heater is 2 in 1 heater in a compact format. Even though it has 8,5 kW heating power and a hot water tank of 10 litres it has a form that is neat and tight. The small footprint of an Alde heating system makes it perfect and easy to fit in an underfloor, under the bed or in wardrobe.

Advantage NO17

Accessories for extra comfort

You can add different accessories like a towel rail, heating mat, engine heat exchanger into the Alde hydronic heating system. With Alde heating accessories you can tailor your heating system in order to maximize the heating and hot water comfort according to your specific needs.

Advantage NO18

Pleasant and warm underfloor heating

Alde Underfloor heating with its heating pipes in the floor are connected up to your Alde heating system and is controlled either manually or via a shunt package for easy control. This gives you a complete heating system with a warm, comfortable floor on which to rest your feet. Alde underfloor is a perfect complement to the system and the standard piping/convectors along the walls of the vehicle.

Advantage NO19

700 trained service partners

To become a Alde Service partner you need to go through a Alde Service training where you learn how hydronic heating systems works, how you operate an Alde heating system and how you perform service and maintenance. By choosing an Alde Service partner you can feel safe that you get the right support and that the service and maintenance is made in time and with high quality

Advantage NO20

Warm and cosy driving compartment

The accessory Alde heating mat emits and distributes heat that surrounds you and your passenger with comfortable, quiet heat via self-convection – no fans or other disturbing noise. In addition, the carpet has a sound-insulating ability, which further increases comfort.

Advantage NO21

Low need for maintainance / Long service intervals

The Alde system is made out of components that has been developed and tested for many years. We only use parts that last for long and has very little need for service & maintenance. When you choose an Alde system you can rely on the quality and not thinking about if the system needs service all the time (*Especially if you choose Alde Premium Antifreeze glycol).

Advantage NO22

Customised heating for large and small leisure vehicles


Van, caravan or mobile home? Alde makes hydronic
heating systems that fit all vehicle sizes. We ensure that
the heating in the van is properly adapted for the smaller
vehicle and that the large motorhome or caravan is given
the opportunity for a little extra comfort from both multizone
systems and various heating accessories.
With Alde, your free time will be more pleasant.


Advantage NO23

Value retainer

Alde is a strong brand and the system is famous for its superior heating system. Having an Alde system in the vehicle helps keeping up the value of the vehicle on the aftermarket.

Advantage NO24

Computerized control for high efficiency

The brain of an Alde heating system is the advanced system logic and computerized control that is continuously improved and fine-tuned. The Alde heating system is so intelligent that you only have to do your pre-setting and then the system automatically takes care of the need for heating or/hot water.

Advantage NO25

Heat distribution with low power consumption

In a hydronic heating system the heated fluid is distributed by of one or two small circulation pumps that runs on 12 V power with currency use of max. 1.9 amps. The pumps follows the intelligence of the heater and run on high speed when the vehicle need to heat up or on low speed when the system reaches your set temperature.

Advantage NO26

Extra hot water with Alde Flow

Alde Flow is a separate hot water tank that can be added into the Alde heating system. the Alde Flow preheats the water before it comes into the heater where it is heated to the right temperature. The Alde heating system with an Alde Flow integrated produce can produce 3,5 liter of continuous hot water per minute (40 °C).

Advantage NO27

Underfloor heating everywhere

Wherever you place your feet you can get nice Alde underfloor heating, as the Alde underfloor heating can be placed almost anywhere in the floor of a vehicle.

Advantage NO28

The Alde system can reuse your engine waste heat

By connecting the engine´s radiator and the Alde heating system fluid loops you can reuse the heat from the two different loops. By re-using heat you become more environmentally friendly. You can also save money and energy on heating once you reach your destination.

Advantage NO29

“All-over heating”

Self-convection technology is based on the simple principle that warm air moves upwards. When it reaches the ceiling and cools down, it circulates back down towards the floor and is reheated. This way, the heat circulates around the entire vehicle.

Advantage NO30

Reliable for off-grid camping

The heating system with all its components is a robust and solid solution made out components that are developed to be long lasting and for tough conditions. Going off-grid with an Alde heating system inside you can always trust that you get heating and hot water when you arrive to your destination.

Advantage NO31

All season capability

The system is reliable and constructed to deliver heating comfort in all types of weather. With Alde heating system you always get the superior heating comfort experience even when it is freezing cold outside.

Advantage NO32

Effective also in large vehicles

Hydronic heating system is suitable for all vehicle sizes. For large vehicles that the system can be constructed to handle multiple zones and many different areas, even your storage/garage.

Advantage NO33

Warm furniture

Even though it is cold and rough outside you don’t feel it inside, as the system solution with pipes and convectors behind the back of sofa or under the bed creates a barrier against the cold outdoors.

Advantage NO34

No cold feet

Floor heating provides heat from top to bottom (or from bottom to top). The floor in a vehicle can sometimes be colder due to less insulation or cross section of cold air from ventilation. With hydronic underfloor heating you get a heat barrier also at floor level.

Advantage NO35

Unobtrusive in small vehicles

Hydronic heating system can be tailored also for the smallest of vehicles. Nature takes care of the circulation which means that no fans are needed to transport heat throughout the vehicle. The heat circulation does not overthrow you and instead you get gentle and quiet heating. It simply becomes a feeling of comfort.

Advantage NO36

Keeps your interior fresh

As the pipes and convectors placed next to the walls and under window forms a barrier against cold from outside, using an Alde heating system keeps walls, cabinets and other storage areas dry and fresh. Reduces risk of moisture damage and bad smell.

Advantage NO37

Shower without interruption


We believe you should feel just as comfortable in the motorhome or caravan as at home.

With the new Alde Compact 3030 Plus, you get up to 4 litres per minute of continuous hot water, which means you don’t have to worry about running out of hot water when taking a shower.




Advantage NO38

Hot water when you need it

Alde Compact 3030 Plus has a boost function that can make the heater, with its built-in heat exchanger, prioritize hot water production. Alde hot water boost function makes it possible for you and your family to reduce waiting time before the hot water has reached acceptable temperature.

Advantage NO39

2 in 1 solution

With an Alde heating system you can produce both heat and hot water from the same unit and at the same time. If you’d like, you can prioritize and boost individually. One unit, doing two things. With its compact format it is space-saving and you reduce the amount of piping throughout the vehicle.

Advantage NO41

8,5 kW of rapid heating

Heating up a hydronic system can be a bit more time consuming, but an Alde heating system is designed to get the temperature up rapidly. The Alde heater with a total power of 8,5 kW (mix of LPG and Electric) ramps up fast in heat and starts almost instantly to distribute the heat throughout your vehicle.

Advantage NO42

Effective thermal comfort


We at Alde are constantly working to optimise and refine the thermal comfort in your leisure vehicle.

In the Alde Compact 3030 and 3030 Plus, we have included the Alde ICT system (Alde Intelligent Climate Technology).

This gives you smooth and efficient temperature transitions and energy optimization, and the system automatically regulates the need for energy.




Advantage NO43

Low power consumption

Hydronic systems move the same amount of heat with almost 4 times less electricity compared to forced/blown air.

Advantage NO44

Long lasting heat loops

Hydronic keeps the heat for longer which reduces both power needed and circle time needed to maintain heat level.

Advantage NO45

Smart zone control via telemetry

Alde heating system is monitored via discrete room and outdoor sensors. They measure the temperature with high precision and high frequency in order to always level the temperature. With our zone controlled and sensor monitored system you always get the optimal comfort.

Advantage NO46

Cold chamber tested systems

Our full-scale systems are tested at temperatures down to -35 °C in our cold chambers to allow us to optimize comfort. Thus, you can safely trust that the heating system always perform.

Advantage NO47

Smart ICT system

Alde ICT = Intelligent climate technology, e.g. smart and calculating systems for different scenarios based on data from both outside and inside the vehicle. You don’t need to spend time on constantly adjust the heating system since it automatically gives you optimal heating comfort based on data from your surroundings.

Advantage NO48

Tailored for your needs

The Alde system can be tailored for most vehicle types and layouts to match different needs. You can also choose several different add-ons, such as floor heating, heating mats, towel rails, mini convectors and so on. The system can be tailored and components can be combined to create the optimal heating and hot water solution for any season or activity.

Advantage NO49

Even heat distribution

Heat distribution via pipes and convectors all around the vehicles (not limited to a few distribution spots) minimizes temperature shifts throughout your vehicle.

Advantage NO50

No loss in humidity

Hydronic heating provides gentle circulation of heat. No fans placed along the floor or in the centre of the vehicle, which means that the system doesn’t shift dust around, no drying out your skin and no inhaling of dust.

Advantage NO51

Always dry, warm towels on the trip

With Alde towel radiators, you always have wonderfully warm and dry towels ready after your shower or bath at the beach.

An Alde towel radiator doesn’t just dry your towels. It also provides 250 W heating power and pleasant warmth in the toilet area.