Alde Compact 3030

Article number: 30309090

New Alde Compact 3030, with even more heating and hot water comfort

  • Potential for a 2-zone system (must be supplemented with an option card to control multiple circulation pumps).
  • 20% larger water heater. Now 10 litres.
  • Simpler, more modern user interface in the control panel.
  • Upgraded Alde Intelligent Climate Technology (ICT).


Boiler construction

Alde Compact 3030 internal heat exchanger consists of three concentric cylinders; the combustion chamber, the central heating cylinder and the hot water cylinder. The combustion chamber is made from aluminium, and is divided into two halves by a baffle plate, with the burner head located in the top half, and the flue gases venting through the bottom half. The combustion assembly is fixed to the end of the internal heat exchanger. It consists of the burner, combustion fan, gas valve, air intake and exhaust ducts, and gas line. Two electric heating elements are sealed inside the central heating cylinder, one for 1 kW, one for 2 kW. The room thermostat is integrated into the touchscreen control panel and connected to the boiler by a Registered Jack (RJ) cable.

  1. Electric heating element 2 kW
  2. Domestic hot water
  3. Insulation
  4. Electronics
  5. Combustion fan
  6. Air intake
  7. Exhaust emission
  8. Solenoid valve
  9. Glycol fluid IN
  10. Glycol fluid OUT
  11. Burner
  12. Domestic cold water
  13. Electric heating element 1 kW


Alde´s Intelligent Climate Technology (ICT)

Alde’s Intelligent Climate Technology automatically provides smooth, effective temperature transitions; the boiler calculates whether it needs to raise output or not to achieve the selected temperature. This is to avoid unnecessary energy being consumed and to ensure that the prioritised energy source is always used in first instance, unless there is an actual need to activate both electricity and gas. The boiler never uses more power than necessary.

In addition to the usual temperature setting, Alde’s smart system includes Night Mode and Day Mode functions, which provide the ability to increase comfort by automating temperature changes and switching selected functions on or off during the day or night.

When a Truma AC* is connected to the Alde system and an Alde outside temperature sensor, you enjoy the additional functionality of Alde’s intelligent climate technology. The AC is controlled from the same sensor as your Alde Heating System and can be controlled by the same smart Alde technology. If the Truma also has a heating function, it assists with the rapid heating of a cold vehicle.

* Truma Aventa (comfort, compact, compact plus). Truma Saphir comfort RC, Truma Saphir compact (from serial no. 23091001).


The advantages of a 2-zone system.

With a 2-zone system, the bedroom section can be set to a lower temperature, while e.g. the kitchen / seating area can have a higher temperature. This is perfect in many of today’s campers and RVs, where the bedroom section is properly separated from the kitchen / seating area. This not only increases overall comfort, it also saves fuel (LPG or electricity). The system is installed with separate convector circuits for each zone, where the temperature can be set individually.


Technical data

Boiler height: 310 mm
Boiler depth: 340 mm
Boiler width: 510 mm
Weight without fluid: 13,2 kg

Gas: Propane / Butane
Output 1: 3,3 kW / 3.8 kW
– Consumption: 245 g/h / 275 g/h
Output 2: 5,5 kW / 6,4 kW
– Consumption: 405 g/h / 460 g/h
Pressure: I3+(28-30/37)    I3B/P(30)    I3B/P(37)

Volume of liquid, radiator water: 3,5 Liter
Max pressure radiator water: 0,05 MPa (0,5 bar)

Volume of liquid, domestic hot water: 10 Liter
Max pressure domestic hot water: 0,3 MPa (3,0 bar)

System temperature: max 85 °C.

Output element 230 – 240 V~: 3150 – 3430 W.
Current consumption 12 V DC: 1,9 amp (max)


Operating instructions Alde Compact 3030/3030 Plus


Quick guide for touchpanel to Alde Compact 3030/3030 Plus