With heart and soul in the Swedish inventor tradition

Our founder Alde Rask decided at an early stage to build the ultimate heating system for caravans – and our approach is as uncompromising now as it was then. We are driven by a passion to help you fully enjoy the most precious moments in your life: leisure time.

Today we are a world leading company which develops, produces and markets heating systems, mainly for mobile accommodation. The company is privately owned and maintains clear, long-term emphasis on internationalisation and product development. Our head office is in Färlöv in Sweden, in the same place where it all started. All development and manufacture of our heating systems takes place here, something we are very proud of. There are 140 employees with subsidiaries in Germany, the UK and the USA.

In Sweden’s cold climate, we’ve spent decades developing no-nonsense hydronic central heating systems which provide warmth and safe comfort all year round in mobile homes and caravans the world over. Our full-scale systems are also tested at temperatures down to -35 °C in one of our two cold chambers to allow us to optimise comfort. The production holds quality accreditation to ISO 9001:2015, and our products are of course compliant with all regulations and standards in our markets in Europe and North America.

Quick facts about Alde

  • Founded in 1949 by Alde Rask
    Leader in hydronic heating systems for leisure vehicles
    All production takes place in Färlöv, Sweden
    90% of sales go to export

View the film about our founder Alde Rask and our successful history

The history of how everything started in the 1940s up to today, a world-leading company within the leisure industry.

View the film of the manufacturing process in Swedish Färlöv

Follow the production of our heating system.

From rolling and welding to testing and delivery of finished systems.

Visit our factory in Färlöv