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Save energy (and money!) with the Delayed Start function

At Alde we want your spare time to be hassle-free and comfortable. However, when electricity has become quite expensive many decides to turn off their heating systems to cut costs – which means that many caravanners have to show up to a cold vehicle after they’ve been away. BUT Alde has the solution and the best part is: you already have it!

Delayed start: what is it?

Delayed start means “delayed start of the boiler” which can be explained further by automatic start of the Alde boiler. The function allows you to automatically start the boiler between two set times. As long as the function is set to ON the boiler will automatically start within your set time span, until the function is set to OFF.

For the function to work it is important that you turn the boiler off, so whenever you intend to leave the vehicle turn off the boiler via the on/off button on the Alde Control Panel. When the control panel is turned off you can press the screen to check that the function is on, when delayed start is on you should then see an hourglass.

How to set up the Delayed Start function

First make sure you have set the day and time in the Alde Control Panel.

Set the timer to start a little while before when you plan to use your vehicle, two hours should be enough. Then set the stop timer to the time when you are planning to arrive. The boiler will be active between these two set times and unless you start the boiler via the on/off button on the Alde Control Panel, the boiler will shut off again. Next week at the same time the same procedure will be repeated, and so on for as long as the function is set to ON and the Alde control panel is off.

So, all you need to do to keep the boiler going when you arrive is to start the system via the Alde Control Panel. This way you only need to pay for heating this short period (2 hours in this case) but get the pleasure of arriving to a warm vehicle. You save money, environment and unnecessary wear of the boiler.

Notice! If it is, or is expected to be, temperatures of 4 °C or lower it is important that you drain your boiler and fresh water system to prohibit frost damage.

Also, be aware that if power to the control panel disappears the settings will be lost. Therefore, we recommend to invest in the Alde battery backup accessory – just in case!

Happy camping!
Your friends at Alde

How to set up delayed start function
– press menu
– scroll down to “delayed start” (for 3020/3010 you should look for an hourglass symbol)
– set start time
– set stop time
– and set the function to ON

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