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Smart, energy-saving functions in the Alde control panel

There are many smart features hidden behind the MENU-button in the Alde control panel. Take a look inside. Maybe you’ll find a new favourite function!

Night mode

Night mode allows you to have a lower temperature at night, which usually means better sleep and greater comfort. In addition to changing the temperature, you can also change the status screen backlight, set any AC to night mode (Truma AC), switch off hot water and underfloor heating, and change the temperature sensor, if you have an extra sensor installed in e.g. the sleeping area.

In this example, we’re setting the desired temperature on the main menu to 22 °C. This is our “normal” setting. We set night mode to 17 °C, starting at 22:00 and ending at 06:00, when we get up. At 06:00, the desired temperature will return to 22 °C, which is the default setting in the main menu.

Day mode

Day mode automatically changes selected functions during the day, which is especially useful if you would like to lower the temperature in the vehicle while you’re away. Select the time interval and whether it should be done every day or on a specific day each week. The temperature and hot water production can be changed.

The night mode setting is as before, but here we’re also using day mode. We set day mode to 10 °C to keep the cold at bay from 09:00 when we leave the vehicle to 15:00 when we return. During the periods between day and night mode, the system maintains the desired standard temperature of 22 °C.

Delayed start

This function allows you to automatically start and operate the boiler between two pre-set times. Using this function, you only pay for heating during a short period but have the added convenience of returning to a warm vehicle. You save money, the environment and unnecessary boiler operation.


How to set and activate the Delayed Start feature

  1. Set the timer to start 1-2 hours before your scheduled return.
  2. Set the timer to switch off at the time you plan to return to your vehicle.
  3. Press ON to activate the function. The boiler will automatically start and operate between the specified times or until the function is set to OFF.
  4. When the function is activated, you must switch off the Alde boiler for the function to work. When you leave the vehicle, switch off the boiler with the ON/OFF button on the Alde control panel. When the control panel is off, tap the screen to make sure the function is on.
  5. When you return to the vehicle, use the ON/OFF button on the Alde control panel to switch the heating system on.

The boiler will run between the two set times. This procedure will be repeated at the same time the following week if the function is set to ON and the Alde control panel is turned off.
Be sure to set the date and time in the Alde control panel before using time-dependent functions like Delayed Start and Night/Day mode.
Remember that the fresh water in the boiler must always be drained if there is a risk of freezing weather or if the vehicle will not be in use, to prevent the boiler from freezing.

Keep your control panel settings with Alde Battery Backup

We recommend you invest in an Alde Battery Back-up to make sure your time settings are saved when you unplug the cable from the campsite’s EHU or turn off your main switch.

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