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Protect your caravan against frost and ice during the winter

Having fresh water readily available in your caravan is a luxury that most wouldn’t want to be without, at the same time ice and frost can scare off some from going on winter adventures with the caravan. Read our three quick tips below and let them empower you to go on your first winter camping trip!

Run the heating system without water

As the Alde heating system can be tailored to any type of vehicle, the system has to endure operation in a wide variety of conditions. If the fresh water tanks in your vehicle are placed in a compartment that is not warmed up during winter, you should drain the water system when the degrees start to drop to avoid freeze damage.

What about your heating system then? The Alde heating system operates with full capacity also during the winter months, even without fresh water in the water heater. Just empty the fresh water tank and water heater, drain the water system completely and then continue to enjoy those crisp winter days in a warm and toasty caravan. Business as usual.

Get a FrostControl for that extra layer of security

A FrostControl is an automatic drain off valve that empties your water heater if the valve is exposed to circa +3 °C. This way you can safely use your water tanks if they’re positioned in an isolated and heated compartment. The drain valve can also be opened manually. The FrostControl reduces the risk of freezing the boiler’s water heater during the winter season.

The FrostControl also opens in this case an overpressure (>3.5 bar) would occur in the water heater, to protect against possible pressure shocks in the system. The FrostControl is mounted close to the boiler’s incoming fresh water line and fits all Alde and Truma heating systems.


Avoid ice formation under the wall flue

Of course, you are going to want to run your Alde heating system under your winter adventures, and for proper operation during the colder days we suggest to invest a few euros in a condensate spout.

As the warm exhaust travels out the heating system flue, it turns into condensate water when it meets the cold outside. And in the crisp winter air, with minus degrees, it turns to ice. The condensate spout prevents this frozen condensate water from blocking the flue and/or causing ice build-up on the side of the vehicle.


We hope that you found these tips useful, and if you ever have any questions – don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Warm regards, the Alde team.

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