Camping tips

Four quick tips before the spring season

Sure, you often sit and dream of all the longed for trips with the caravan/ motorhome? Get the maintenance of your heating system done with in the pre-season so that the camping holiday can be enjoyed without abruptions and to ensure long and safe ownership.

Go through the check list below, should you find any faults or have questions you are always welcome to contact an Alde certified service location. Find your nearest service location here.

Is it time to change the glycol fluid?
The glycol fluid is necessary to prohibit corrosion and frost damages in the heating system. There are glycol fluids in various colors and qualities; the different qualities durability varies in between two and five years. The Alde glycol fluid is of the quality G12 and needs only changing every five years.

It is important to know when the glycol fluid was changed last, but even if the glycol is changed with the right intervals, you should control so that it is in good condition and stands at the right level in the vessel. This is easiest done by looking at the expansion vessel in the vehicle. Does the glycol fluid smell, is turbid or discolored it is time to change.

Does the vehicle get warm?
Start your heating system, let it run for a while and check so that it gets hot. If you have the possibility, it is preferred to let the boiler run on both gas and electricity, to “exercise” the system. To exercise the system helps keeping it in good condition. Air when needed, according to instructions in the heating systems user manual.

Are there water in the faucet?
Start the faucets and check so that you get both hot and cold water.

Has the gas installation got a valid approval?
During an inspection, among other things, it is checked that the gas system is tight; this inspection is carried out by for example a workshop. Also good to know is that campsites, especially abroad, often have safety requirements which means that caravans and motorhomes parked in the area must have an approved gas certificate.

You should regularly check the gas hoses in your vehicle. Check that the hoses are intact and free of cracks and that the hose’s best before date has not been passed.

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