Alde control panel

Alde Control Panel: Day Mode

The function Day Mode was developed because the customers asked for it. Many of our customers saw the need to automatically change the temperature during the day, when they didn’t spend so much time in their vehicle and vice versa. Therefore, we launched Day Mode.

Just as the function Night Mode, Day Mode lets the user to change chosen settings automatically with a timer.

Change the temperature during the day. As simple as it sounds, in Day Mode you can change the temperature. This temperature will only apply when Day Mode is set to ON and within the chosen time.

Turn off hot water. If hot water is not used for some time during the day you can easily turn the hot water off with this function.


How to set up Day Mode

Choose your settings:

  • Hot water off
  • Set desired temperature
  • Enter chosen time for turning Day Mode on and off
  • Last but not least, choose ON.


Set the timer to turn off Day Mode to a while before you plan to be back into your vehicle again, so that you get back to a warm and comfortable climate.

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