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Touring in Colder Weather

Touring in colder weather is a great experience. It’s cold outside, but inside your vehicle is lovely and cosy thanks to the Alde heating. To make sure your trip is as comfortable as possible here are a few tips.

Use propane gas

Alde recommends the use of Propane gas (in the UK – red bottles), but in cooler times it’s almost essential. Butane’s (blue bottles) boiling point (when it will be gas rather than liquid) is -4°C, Propane’s is -42° Butane tends to start to fail to ‘gas’ at around +2-3°C.

External water supply

If using an external water supply, raise your container off the ground and place it on blocks. That allows the air to circulate and helps to prevent freezing. Also, consider using an insulated cover for the container and water inlet pipe.

Alde Condensate spout for optimal operation on gas

If using gas to heat your vehicle, consider an Alde Condensate Spout if the outside temperature is near or below zero. This prevents the buildup of ice on the vehicle wall underneath the flue and keeps the flue clear as condensed water will simply drip away.

Fridge vent covers

Use fridge vent covers. The fridge needs warmth to operate correctly, and if there’s a cold wind, not only might the fridge not work correctly, but you could also get cold draughts inside the vehicle. They are available for all types of fridge vents and maintain a safe air flow should you be using the fridge on gas.

Enjoy your trips!

Nigel Hutson

Nigel Hutson, a lifelong caravanner from Chesterfield, Derbyshire in England. Purchased his first caravan in 1984 and has since then toured the UK and Continent on a regular basis, alongside his wife Kay. In addition to being a husband, he is also a father and grandfather.

Since retiring from the police in 2011 Nigel has become a regular contributor to various caravan and motorhome publications, as “someone who enthusiastically writes about their hobby rather than a journalist”. Nigel is also a keen musician, enjoys travelling and has a great interest in all forms of transport… and he is a Manchester City fan.

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