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Three tips for you who are considering buying a caravan/motorhome

Regardless of whether you are facing your first purchase or replacing an existing vehicle, it can always be good to get some tips and advice along the way. Here we have collected three of our best Alde tips that make everyday life a little easier for all campers out there.

1. Load monitor

When you are used to being able to use several electrical appliances at the same time, it can be difficult to remember not to start the coffee maker at the same time as someone else in the family, e.g. is blow drying their hair or toasting bread. With a load monitor from Alde, however, you do not have to think about this, the Alde heating system then adjusts the power consumption according to the amount of electricity that is available.

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2. Hot water

Historically, many have chosen to visit the service houses to wash and shower, but what many do not know is that with an Alde Flow installed, you can continuously get 40 ° C hot water in the vehicle. This is often enough for the whole family. Alde Flow is an extra water heater that preheats the water before it reaches the regular water heater.

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3. Frost-proof your fresh water/heating system

When camping or storing your vehicle during the winter, it is important to keep minus degrees and frost in mind. Whether the space where the fresh water tank, pipes or boiler are insulated or not differs between different vehicle makes and models. If you intend to camp in the winter, this is good to know when buying a recreational vehicle. There are also automatic drain valves, e.g. Alde´s FrostControl, which automatically opens and empties the system at risk of frost (approx. 3 ° C). Note that it is still always important to check that the water system is emptied, from fresh water tank to pipes, water heaters and up into the taps.

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