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Hot water for the whole family with Alde Flow

Ensuring that there is enough hot water in your caravan or motorhome is especially important if you are camping off-grid, have done any sport activity or simply not want to use the service house at the campsite. The problem is that a standard hot water heater does not hold much water, which is a limitation if you and your family shower directly one after another.

Fortunately, you can now solve this problem with the help of Alde Flow extra hot water heater. With an Alde Flow, you no longer must wait for the hot water tank to reheat. So now the whole family can take a shower or skip the queue to the shower block. With Alde Flow, you and your family can enjoy a hot shower whenever and for as long as you want.

Alde Flow - an extra hot water heater

Alde Flow is an extra hot water heater that you connect to your Alde Compact 3020HE*. It has hot water capacity for 3.5 litres of continuous hot water per minute. That is equal to 40ºC continuous hot shower if there is access to fresh water.

This is how it works

  • Cold water is preheated in the Alde Flow and pumped on into the boiler’s hot water heater.
  • The preheated water is heated to about 65ºC by the boiler’s high-efficiency gas burner / electric heater.
  • In the thermostat mixer, hot water is mixed with cold water to a comfortable temperature for showering, hand washing etc.

Advantages with Alde Flow

  • Extra hot water that you connect to your Alde Compact 3020HE
  • Produces 3.5 litres of continuous hot water/minute (40ºC)
  • Compact solution directly connected to the boiler
  • Easily controlled via the Alde Control panel
  • Decreased waiting time
  • Longer showers
  • Also compatible with older Compact 3010/3020 (as extra hot water tank)
  • *For Alde Compact 3010/3020 before model year 2016, Alde Flow works as extra hot water tank (6 litre)

How to get an Alde Flow installed

  • For retrofitting to your existing Alde Heating system, contact your nearest Alde Dealer or Alde
    Service Centre. Contact information to be found on our website:
  • As an accessory when buying a new caravan or camper, talk to your caravan / camper dealer
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