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Smart power saving with Alde Load monitor

Having a circuit breaker that always trips at the wrong time, and being forced to go outside in bad weather or when it’s dark to reset the breaker in the electric hook up (EHU) are equally unwelcome. The good news is that you can guard against this with an accessory that makes camping life easier in a smart way.

Have you never known a circuit breaker to trip at the campsite? It happens when you use more electricity than is available in the campsite’s EHU.

You will often need to use the coffee machine, refrigerator, heating system and maybe the heater fan in the awning all at the same time. That’s when the circuit breaker trips. You can either choose not to use one of the devices or install an Alde load monitor.

The load monitor reduces boiler output while you’re brewing coffee or making toast. Once your coffee is brewed, the boiler supplies the desired output again. This lets you avoid tripping a circuit breaker and enjoy your coffee and glorious Alde heating.

How do you know you’re not using too much power?

You might often need to use the coffee machine (1100 W), refrigerator (150 W), heating system (2000 W) and the heater fan in the awning (500 W) all at the same time. That’s when the circuit breaker trips.

You can also use the simplified table below based on 230 V to calculate whether you’re using too much power all at once:

  •  6 amps about 1300 watts
  • 10 amps about 2300 watts
  • 16 amps, about 3600 watts

Thus by adding up the devices you’re using at the moment, you can make sure you’re not using more electricity than the campsite’s EHU can deliver. You can either choose not to use one of the devices or install a load monitor.

Alde Load monitor

The Alde load monitor automatically reduces the boiler’s immersion heater output at high loads. This prevents the circuit breaker from tripping when you use major power consumers such as the coffee machine, kettle, hair-dryer or vacuum cleaner.

How it works

  1. When you arrive at the campsite, check how many amps the EHU provides; it’s usually 10 amps.
  2. Connect your power cord to the EHU.
  3. Then board the vehicle and set the number of amps in the power monitor menu in the Alde control panel.
  4. Done!

Setting up the Alde Load Monitor in 3030 Control panel

Advantages of the Alde Load monitor

  • Can be set to different Ampere levels;
  • Automatically reduces the output of the boiler’s immersion heater if the electrical load is too high.
  • Automatically reduces AC output at high electrical loads if the AC* is connected to the Alde ACC function.
  • Reduces the risk of circuit breaker tripping, and eliminates unnecessary power outages.

* Only applies to compatible Truma ACs

How to get an Alde load monitor installed in your vehicle

  • For retrofitting to your existing Alde heating system, contact your nearest Alde Service Partner. Contact information can be found on our website.
  • As an accessory when buying a new motorhome, talk to your supplying dealer.
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