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Heating your van conversion

Thinking of taking the ‘van life’ route? Read on to find out why Alde is the perfect companion for living on the move and off the grid.

If you’re thinking about undertaking the ‘vanlife’ way of living, then you’ll likely know that there’s a lot of planning and work involved in living comfortably in a van. One of the main considerations is heating; it’s crucial for comfort and health, and in this article you’ll see why Alde heating systems are ideal for van living. 

What is ‘vanlife’?

For the uninitiated, ‘van life’ is the contemporary version of a nomadic lifestyle. People travel around countries, continents or even the world in their vans, which are often converted to include beds, kitchens, showers and more modern conveniences. It also allows for people to live ‘off-grid’ – using e.g. solar panels or their batteries for electrical devices, and propane for heating rather than connecting to the mains systems that our homes use.

The importance of heating

No matter where you’re travelling, it’s vital that you have an appropriate heating system for your van. It warms you up in colder climates and keeps the room temperature stable during summer nights, and it also provides hot water for washing. 

Why choose an Alde system?

The system is based on hydronic heating, which is a type of heat that is used in most homes. When it’s activated, the heat rises around the vehicle and gently envelopes the people in it, so it’s barely noticeable. There are no blasts of hot air kicking up dust, just consistent comfort. What’s more, with an engine heat exchange, the system can use the excess heat from the van’s engine to warm up the interior.

Lasts longer
As living off-grid is an important part of the van life-style for many people, it helps to be able to stay off-grid as long as possible before having to connect to recharge batteries. The Alde system’s low amperage means that ‘vanlifers’ can enjoy off-grid power for much longer before they have to recharge. 

Heating and hot water
With an Alde combi boiler underpinning the system, you can enjoy hot water whenever you need it – particularly ideal for hot showers if you have an active lifestyle. Another benefit of the heating system is the longevity of the heat – once you turn the system off, the heat will gently dissipate, rather than immediately disappear as it would do with standard vehicle heating.

In addition to the effective heating, the Alde system is also near-silent, which means no disturbances from the system during the day or night. 

Simple to install and incredibly versatile, it can be adjusted to suit any van and perform with the utmost efficiency every single time. Plus, as it’s so compact, it takes up minimal space in the vehicle, which means more room to live in. 

Watch the videos below for a brief explanation of the system’s suitability

How Alde can support your vanlife


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The Alde heating system has been rigorously tested in the most adverse conditions to ensure it’s suitable for use in the coldest climates and across the most challenging terrains. If you’d like to know more about the system, or to discuss your requirements, please contact us today.

Warm regards, Alde

Article header photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

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