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Alde Hydronic Heating System Maintenance

A guide to caring for your Alde heating system to keep it running all year-round.

Maintaining your Alde hydronic heating system

We designed the Alde hydronic heating system to deliver exceptional performance, unrivalled efficiency and total comfort for years on end. However, like a lot of heating systems, maintenance is crucial if your Alde system is to function at the highest level for as long as possible. In this article, we’ll talk you through caring for your Alde hydronic heating system so you can enjoy it as it should be enjoyed. 

The maintenance needs of your Alde system will change depending on the season, so we have put together four additional seasonal guides to help you carry out the appropriate maintenance, should you need to. 

Here are a few tips relating to some of the most common general maintenance questions that we get from our customers.

Topping up your system fluid

You should replace the glycol fluid in your Alde system at least every five years, or if it is turbid and/or smells fishy. We recommend a glycol fluid of the quality G12, for example our own Alde Antifreeze, which is magenta in colour. 

Using your central heating with no fresh water

You can use your heating even if your system’s fresh water supply is drained. There’s no electrical components in the hot water cylinder.

Renew the air cushion

It is important to renew the boiler’s air cushion every 10 days. The air cushion is a small gathering of air in the boiler of the heating system which makes room for water to expand and protects the boiler from issues such as pressure shocks from the water pump.

Night/Day mode

The Night and Day modes make it easier to use your heating system more efficiently. By setting the programme to ‘All’, you can set a preferred temperature for daylight and night hours. If you’d prefer a cosier caravan to sleep in, you can set the system to be warmer during the night than it is in daytime, or vice versa.

Read more about Night Mode, or Day Mode.

Our season-specific guides to caring for your Alde system will help you keep your system in top condition all year-round. Click the links below for each guide:


For more information about the Alde hydronic heating system, please read our FAQs here to see if your query has been answered. If you need further assistance, please get in touch with us.

Warm regards, Alde

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