Terms and conditions #yesalde

We think it is great to take part of and to be inspired by your images, to follow you in social media on camping vacations, throughout the everyday life with a caravan/ motor home and pretty much everything around it. This is why we ask for permission to share these images in our own channels, by sending an inquiry with the hashtag #yesalde.

By giving consent on an inquiry marked with the hashtag #yesalde you approve of the following:

You are giving Alde International Systems AB an non-exclusive, royalty free, worldwide license to use all the images on which you have given consent with #yesalde, hereinafter referred as “images”, in their marketing and/ or advertising. This includes our digital channels, namely: web site, social media, newsletter, e-mail and other costumer communication and other marketing purposes.

Hereby you testify and insure that (i) you own all rights to your images, (ii) you have gotten permission from any person appearing in your images to assign the rights herein, (iii) Alde International Systems AB: s use of your images will not violate any third party’s rights or conflict to any laws.

Hereby you free Alde International Systems AB from all obligations to pay you for using your images and for the immaterial rights for them in relation to above defined usage. You hereby free and accept to hold Alde International Systems AB and all individuals whom are acting on the behalf of Alde International System AB harmless for all eventual claims, demands and accountability, regardless of art, in the context of using the images according to the description above.

When we post your images on social media, we do it with the purpose of showing your images with our products, or images with an inspiring character and/ or educational message, in regards to camping, in the feed of the social media where we have posted your images. The personal data that may be collected is name/ profile name, photo/ profile photo and IP-adress. The personal data remains in the feed on social media.

You can recall your consent whenever, and the image is removed, legal ground: consent. Consent may be recalled at any time by sending an e-mail to: social.media@alde.se.

Read more about processing personal data and your rights in our Privacy policy.