Overlander Thomas

24 September 2021

The less conventional camper

Today we’ve had a chat with colleague here at Alde, a “less conventional” camper gets to tell his story.

This is the third part of the series about Thomas’ project “Alde expedition offgrid”.
Part 1: The less conventional camper – Part 2: the prototypePart 3: Alde Expedition OffGrid – how it works

– Who are you and what do you do here at Alde?
Thomas Jönsson, Quality Manager

– What is your connection to the life of camping?
The quick description is Overlanding, it is a lifestyle sourced from Australia and North America where a competent off-road vehicle is combined with robust, off-grid camping equipment that provides an opportunity to discover and explore areas far beyond the city limits, to places that more civilized campers cannot experience. For an overlander, the journey is the goal, preferably with elements of human encounters, adventures, unforeseen events with route choices that challenge both drivers, vehicles and equipment.
A little memory that comes to mind is that overnight stay in northwestern Norway surrounded by real troll mountains where the clouds in the evening run down towards us, or that trip in Sweden where we went on a forest road and found really nice fishing water or the time we got stuck and had to call the local farmer to pull us up, or that meeting where a bunch of overlanders rolled into the campsite and were questioned by other campers, or … there are many memories, it is a lifestyle.

– And Thomas, tell us what do you consider to be the most important thing about your work at Alde?
To be involved in developing Alde as an innovative and sustainable partner, with continued high quality and level of service, into the future.

– What do you think makes the Alde system special?
For the caravan or motorhome owner, it is an efficient system that can easily be expanded and adapted to the owner’s needs. The system provides superior living comfort in the vehicle.
For the overlander, the Alde system is not the obvious choice. However with an experiment I have now started, mounting an Alde system in my overland vehicle in a new way, I hope this can be the gateway for an innovative new solution. Adapted for the slightly simpler camping life.

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