30 August, 2021 News, Pressmeddelande

Cleaner water with Alde AquaClear UV-C

Interest in Motorhomes and Caravans has increased significantly in recent years. More and more people are choosing to spend their leisure time on the road to discover exciting new places in the world. Many go to new places and often there can be challenges with variation in the water quali-ty. Covid-19 has also reduced access to communal facilities for showering and dishwashing.

Carrying water of less reliable quality, on board for longer, means your precious water can become foul smelling and tasting. Microbes and dirt in the water can ruin a holiday, especially if you’re far from home.

The solution is water purification. Introducing Alde AquaClear UV-C final stage water disinfection. Efficient, non-chemical, extra low voltage water disinfection designed specifically for caravans and motorhomes. Alde AquaClear UV-C provides a layer of safety to the water supply, focused on removing harmful viruses and bacteria.

Alde AquaClear UV-C is a water disinfection system that cleans the water with UV light generated from special LEDs[1].

In addition to being free from active chemicals, LED has several other advantages. It is robust and shock resistant, maintenance free and has a low energy consumption.

Together with Alde AquaClear UV-C, a carbon filter is also included to ensure that you have an odorless water without bad taste or color.


Product advantages Alde AquaClear UV-C:

  • UVC light reduces harmful microbes as legionella, viruses and protozoa.
  • Does not contain chemicals and mercury.
  • Carbon filters reduce bad taste and bad odors.
  • Low energy consumption – can be used off-grid.


Start of sales.

Alde AquaClear UV-C will be available for sale from autumn 2021 and can then be purchased at Alde’s dealership, see list of http://alde.se/service-och-support/.


For questions and more information, please contact:

Håkan Streimer, Sales manager Alde, +46 73 83 662 45, hakan.streimer@alde.se

Stefan Lindström, Marketing manager Alde, +46 70 83 555 04, stefan.lindstrom@alde.se


[1] Neutralizes about 99% of microorganisms at water flows (up to 4 liters/min).