22 December, 2022 Ambassador Nigel, News

Christmas Greetings from the Caravan

As the saying goes, ‘Tempus Fugit’ (time flies). My wife Kay and I have had a busy year, of course taking every opportunity that we could to use our caravan and enjoying all the home from home comforts that modern vehicles provide, especially those with Alde heating. Like many, given the chance, we tour throughout the year and enjoy every season to the full.

During the warmer months of the year, the heating is given little thought (maybe wishing that we had air conditioning at times, especially as the Truma units link with the Alde system to give full Climate Control!), but when the outside temperature drops, we really appreciate how superb the Alde heating is.

For many years, Kay and I have had a break in the caravan and gone to the beautiful and historic city of York. 2022 has been no exception. However, this year the trip was the very first outing for our new caravan (which we’d only collected two days before going), equipped with the latest Alde 3030 system, and the heating was given a thorough work-out as the temperatures barely got above 0°C all week, dropping well below during the night. However, we were so cosy inside the caravan and made full use of the various settings – the night-time option for example where we could let the system do its own thing (lowering the temperature for a comfortable sleep, and not waste energy by turning off the water heating), and also the Delayed Start when we could turn off the heating when we went out and set it to start later in the day so that we would return to a nice warm caravan without having the heating on all day.

Still being very young at heart (even if my creaking body tells me otherwise!), along with many other people here in the UK, we decorate our caravans both inside and out and get into the festive spirit. Of course, Christmas music playing on the caravan’s radio and the odd glass or two of hot Mulled Wine helps with that too.

The caravan site that we use allows us to walk into the centre of York. There’s always so much to see and do within the City, from visiting some of the ancient buildings or museums (usually adorned with appropriate decorations), to wandering around the Christmas market stalls and ancient streets or going to hear the choir and organ (a particular passion of mine) in the magnificent Minster. There’s also the myriad of shops for buying those last-minute Christmas gifts.

Whatever we’ve done during the day, we always look forward to returning to the comfort of the caravan, and genuinely appreciate the brilliance of the Alde system.

May Kay and I wish you all a very happy Christmas wherever you are, and a blessed 2023.


Nigel Hutson
14th December 2022.

Nigel Hutson, a lifelong caravanner from Chesterfield, Derbyshire in England. Purchased his first caravan in 1984 and has since then toured the UK and Continent on a regular basis, alongside his wife Kay. In addition to being a husband, he is also a father and grandfather.

Since retiring from the police in 2011 Nigel has become a regular contributor to various caravan and motorhome publications, as “someone who enthusiastically writes about their hobby rather than a journalist”. Nigel is also a keen musician, enjoys travelling and has a great interest in all forms of transport… and he is a Manchester City fan.