30 August, 2021 News, Pressmeddelande

Alde launches boiler for CNG and Biogas

Interest in new alternative energy solutions has increased in recent years. Driving on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) or biogas is growing in markets across Europe thanks to increased supply, growing infrastructure and good operating economy. In addition to this are the sustainability aspects thanks to a CO2 reduction. Therefore, Alde is now launching the Alde Compact 3030 BIO boiler in order to meet the increasing need for products that can also be operated on CNG and biogas.

Driving on CNG or biogas significantly reduces CO2 emissions. Compared to petrol or diesel, it contains a significantly higher amount of energy and has a lower carbon content. The exhaust gases contain significantly less carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides (NOX), while the proportion of soot or particulate matter is minimal.

This is something that is right in time for the motorhome market as well. In order to meet the increased need, Alde Compact 3030 BIO is now introduced. The Alde Compact 3030 BIO boiler is specially developed to run on CNG and bio gas. The boiler can be connected directly to the vehicle’s gas cylinder, which reduces space and simplifies operation. The boiler can also be powered by electricity or a combination of gas and electricity for maximum power.

Like other Alde products, Alde Compact 3030 BIO is based on hydronic heating technology. This means that you get a smooth, comfortable and quiet warmth thanks to the convection technology that allows the heated air to circulate by itself using the laws of nature.


Advantages with Alde Compact 3030 BIO;

  • Powered by CNG / biogas and/or electricity
  • Fast heating – 8.5kW power
  • Combined heating system for both heating and hot water
  • Quiet and comfortable heat via convection technology
  • Better for the environment – biogas is renewable and has 95% lower greenhouse gas emissions than diesel and gasoline.


Start of sales

Alde Compact 3030 BIO will presented in autumn 2022 and is planned to be available from model year 2023.


For questions and more information, please contact:

Håkan Streimer, Sales manager Alde, +46 73 83 662 45, hakan.streimer@alde.se

Stefan Lindström, Marketing manager Alde, +46 70 83 555 04, stefan.lindstrom@alde.se