Alde Compact 3030 control panel

  • Used for the Alde Compact 3030
  • Produced since 2021.
  • A user-friendly and clear touchscreen.
  • Ability to control heating systems with two temperature zones.
  • Accessories such as underfloor heating, Alde Flow or heat exchangers for the motorhome’s engine can be controlled from the panel.
  • Can control a Truma AC* and provide fully automatic climate control in the vehicle.

*Applies to the Truma Aventa Comfort, Truma Aventa Eco, Truma Saphir Comfort RC and Truma Saphir Compact.



Watch the video to learn how the control panel works.

Here is an instructional video on how our control panel works. Here you get an overall feel for all the panel’s functions.