Ausimix Compact SharkBite Thermostatic Mixing Valve

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Ausimix Compact SharkBite Thermostatic Mixing Valve(31uk002)
Maclow Flexible Clip for SharkBite TMV(m11)
JG Speedfit 15–12 mm Reducer for SharkBite TMV(pm061512e)

With it being most efficient to heat the water to as hot as possible without boiling, and a minimum of 50°C needed to prevent the growth of Legionella, it can be nerve-wracking trying to mix the warm water at the outlet without a thermostatic tap or shower.

The TMV allows you to limit the temperature of the hot water as it leaves the boiler, and will automatically cut-off the water if you run out of cold water to mix, giving you the peace of mind that you have at home or in the work place. Now, Alde brings you the Ausimix Compact SharkBite TMV with inbuilt strainers and non-return valves, meeting NHS D 08 specification and WRAS Approved for the ultimate in safety.

The 15 mm SharkBite push-fit connectors couldn't be any easier to fit and are compatible with JG Speedfit reducers for use in 12 mm semi-rigid plastic pipework.

WRAS Approved Product

  • Dimensions: Height 148 × Width 212 × Depth 40 mm
  • Weight: 0.50 kg
  • Temp Range: 35–48°C
  • Lightweight alloy and plastic construction


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