Alde Aluminium Miniconvectors

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Aluminium Miniconvector 400 mm(1900-081)
Aluminium Miniconvector 600 mm(1900-082)
Aluminium Miniconvector 1000 mm(1900-083)
Aluminium Miniconvector 1200 mm(1900-084)

Alde aluminium convector is ideal for building a high-powered heating circuit that needs to be concealed behind fitted furniture, steps, and skirting boxes. But what if you simply don't have space for full-size convectors? Miniconvector is what you need. Based off of 16 mm aluminium tube with fins with outputting ≈180 W per metre, it's fully compatible with Alde rubber connectors with the use of 1900-597 rubber sleeve adaptors.

Alde aluminium convector comes in a range of standard sizes, from 400 mm to 1200 mm, but can be cut to any size by hand.

Please remember aluminium and copper plumbing must not be combined on the same heating circuit.

  • Dimensions: Height 44 × Width 36 mm
  • Power output: ≈180 W/m


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